Cracks in garage ceiling?

Cracks in garage ceiling?

Why does the ceiling in my garage crack and peel?

I find cracked seams and seam tape peeling in a lot of garages. There are several reasons for this, not enough screws in the sheetrock, leaking roof, improperly installed seam tape, or humidity.

If the installer didn’t place enough screws/nails in the sheetrock it will cause sagging and place pressure on the joint between the two sheets of drywall. This pressure will cause a crack in the joint. Sometimes this crack will run the whole length of the board or to the next nail.

Is there a leak in the roof above that area? A small leak in the roof will cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Typically, you will see some discoloration in that area or paint peeling. If not corrected the sheetrock will get heavy due to all the moisture soaking into the sheeting causing it to crack and will eventually fall.

Another problem could be improper installation of the tape or mud. If the installer didn’t place enough mud in the joint prior to placing the tape on it, the tape will loosen over time and cause a small crack.

In my opinion the two main culprits of these cracks especially down in the south is the temperature and humidity. Garages in the south will get extremely hot during the summer causing the sheeting and mud to expand. Then you come home and open the door causing a drastic temperature change in only a few minutes’ time. This puts a lot of stress on these joints over time and will eventually crack.

The last common problem in garage ceilings is humidity. Anyone who lives in the deep south knows about the humidity, it can be downright brutal at times. Sheetrock will wick up that moisture and we all know sheetrock does not react well with moisture. This will cause the sheeting to become heavy and sag or it can cause the tape to break loose and peel off.

You can repair these issues yourself but make sure you do your research first. For example, try to determine what caused the problem first. Resolve it if you can, then make sure you are using the proper products and materials for the repair. There is nothing worse than doing all that work for the joint to just crack again in 6 months or less.

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