Structural Inspection

Structural Inspection starts at the foundation and ends at the top of the roof. It is the examination of the physical structure of your home.

We inspect the foundation for signs of settling, sinking, or cracks. We also inspect for the amount of moisture under the foundation or in the foundation. If the home has a crawl space we want to ensure that it is dry and not allowing water to pool and become stagnant or causing rotting of the underlying wood structure.

We will examine all of the external and internal walls to ensure the wood or siding shows no signs of cracking, rotting, or insect damage. We also want to make sure the walls are plumb and not leaning inward or outward, or even are loose from their original joint. If your interior walls are plaster you may notice to some long running cracks. This may be indicative of a serious underlying problem with the wall. This should be addressed very soon to avoid extensive damage.

A roof inspection should be done on every home. It is surprising at the condition of the roofs in Mobile Alabama. The heat, humidity and collection of debris on the roofs causes a lot of major problems. In Mobile we love our oak trees, but those limbs hanging over the roof providing shade are really wreaking havoc. The excess leaves and acorns collect on roofs and lead to shingle and roof damage. Periodic sweeping and washing your roof is strongly advised. We have inspected so many roofs with living gardens and/or gaping holes on them. Trust us–a hole in your roof is never a good thing. Even if a careless roofer put a misplace nail in your shingles, that will eventually become a major leak.

If the home has a crawlspace, we will inspect the underside of the home to ensure it is not rotting out or bowing.  We will also inspect the condition of the block or brick supporting the floor joists.  If the home is built on a concrete slab, we will inspect the visible areas of the slab and look for signs of severe settling or sinking.

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