Review from Michael Jones

I highly recommend Kevin. This was my first time needing a home inspection and he made it easy. He is professional, polite, friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. He answered every question I had and was happy to have me there during the process. He gave me lots of valuable advice to keep my home in good… Read More

Review from Janice Sibley

Mr. Kevin was first and far most, professional and secondly, very courteous. I perceived that this inspector did a thorough and detailed inspection of the home. I am very satisfied with his work

Review from Roslyn V Major

Mr. Kevin does a thorough job. He answers questions on any concerns. He is truly a professional. He came on the time he said he would be there. I would recommend his company to anyone. give 5 stars.

Review from Mohamed M.

Kevin is very professional and detail-oriented, His inspection report is very easy to understand and contains everything you need to understand any problem and what is recommended to address it. He is very thorough with his inspection, he is also very educational while doing that, I learned a lot from attending the inspection with him…. Read More

Review from Mike & Marilyn Chapman

Kevin was professional and courteous. He was very thorough with his inspection. He answered all of our questions and offer if we had further questions to contact him. He came out in the rain and did this thorough inspection. He sent us a detailed report of his findings via email. I would definitely recommend him… Read More

Review from Jason Smith

Kevin came out in the RAIN and did a fantastic job for my parents. He didn’t let the elements affect his commitment he made to my parents to do the inspection. When the inspection was complete he quickly provided them a detailed report (via email) of his findings. I would highly recommend Kevin and his… Read More

Review from Eric B.

Kevin was extremely professional and very thorough with his inspection. Extremely great price as well. He is a Military veteran with sharp attention to detail. I give Kevin my highest recommendation for anyone in the Mobile area looking for a home inspector.

Review from Mallory E.

Kevin was very kind and very educational with all my concerns. He was very thorough with his inspection and did not skip over any areas of the home. I feel confident in buying my home with his inspection and reviews. Thank you Kevin!!

Review from Thomas B.

Kevin gave a thorough inspection of the property and even left me with some great e-books on how to set up and maintain a home. Some people say, “If only houses had directions… well, mine now does!”

Review from Elizabeth A.

Kevin was very professional and through. I used him twice. I ended up not getting the initial house due to the problems Kevin discovered during the inspection. He also recommended local contractors. I highly recommend his service.