When to Inspect a Home

When a Home Should Be Inspected is entirely up to a home owner, but we recommend frequent inspections to stay on top of issues that may creep up, especially with homes in Mobile Alabama and along the Gulf Coast. If you live in Mobile Alabama, an annual home inspection is recommended. The weather and the READ MORE

Improper Wiring of Exhaust Fans

I run into this quite a bit, improperly wired exhaust fans in the attic space. These thermostats are designed for the wires to be placed inside the box with a wire clamp and have holes for mounting. Improper installation may cause damage to the unit and possibly fire.  It is recommended that these fans be READ MORE

Should I have a Home Inspection?

Should I have a Home Inspection? Home Inspections are not only a smart choice but they could save you thousands of dollars! Most if not all realtors recommend having a Home Inspection. Home inspections are designed to provide a “snapshot” of your future homes condition. This includes but not limited to the roof, structure, electrical, READ MORE

Water Heaters

I find problems with many of the Water Heaters during inspections.  The most common problems is that there is not a pan under the unit to capture potential leaks or the pressure relief line is not plumbed correctly.  Other problems range from bad/missing expansion tanks, loose vent stacks on gas units, improperly vented spaces for READ MORE

Gas Fireplaces Things to Consider

Gas Fireplaces Things to Consider Many homes around Mobile are have gas fireplaces.  There are two common types in most homes. A non-vented gas fireplace A vented gas fireplace Non-Vented Gas Fireplace Non-vented gas fireplaces seem to be the most common in this area.  These units are typically used as a focal point in the READ MORE

Home Inspection for Real Estate Investors

Home Inspection for Real Estate Investors Real Estate Investors always want a house for a cheap price? Well, it comes with a price.  And that price is repairs.  Recently I have had some inspections where my client is looking for a cheap house and then seem upset that the home has a lot of issues.  READ MORE