Improper Wiring of Exhaust Fans

I run into this quite a bit, improperly wired exhaust fans in the attic space. These thermostats are designed for the wires to be placed inside the box with a wire clamp and have holes for mounting. Improper installation may cause damage to the unit and possibly fire.  It is recommended that these fans be READ MORE

Should I have a Home Inspection?

Should I have a Home Inspection? Home Inspections are not only a smart choice but they could save you thousands of dollars! Most if not all realtors recommend having a Home Inspection. Home inspections are designed to provide a “snapshot” of your future homes condition. This includes but not limited to the roof, structure, electrical, READ MORE

Water Heaters

I find problems with many of the Water Heaters during inspections.  The most common problems is that there is not a pan under the unit to capture potential leaks or the pressure relief line is not plumbed correctly.  Other problems range from bad/missing expansion tanks, loose vent stacks on gas units, improperly vented spaces for READ MORE