Should I have a Home Inspection?

Should I have a Home Inspection?WIN_20160901_165351

Home Inspections are not only a smart choice but they could save you thousands of dollars!

Most if not all realtors recommend having a Home Inspection. Home inspections are designed to provide a “snapshot” of your future homes condition. This includes but not limited to the roof, structure, electrical, HVAC, plumbing just to name a few. Finding problems in these areas will provide you invaluable information on the home and if you should buy it or even re-negotiate the cost of the home. A typical home inspection usually takes about 2-3 hours depending on the size and condition of the house. I have had some inspections take 5-6 hours. There isn’t a perfect home out there and this includes new homes. I have completed
inspections on new homes and found just as many concerns as a fifteen-year-old home. Most common problems I find on homes is roof damage, electrical problems and rot.


Roofs here in the south take a beating from heat, wind, hail and rain. With all these hash conditions it will cause the roof to lose its granules and cause cracking in in the shingles. Leaking roof jacks are also a common problem on a roof. The plastic/neoprene roof jacks typically last about ten years and then begin to crack and leak. The lead style jacks typically last longer but can be damaged by animals creating leaks in the roof.


Common electrical problems are usually missing or non-functioning Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) and improper wiring. GFCI’s should be installed in areas near a water source like bathrooms, kitchens, exterior outlets, and garages. These type receptacles can wear out over time and cause them to malfunction. Improper wiring can be found in different areas of the home, sometimes the main panel is incorrect and inside the attic.


Rot is another major problem in Mobile/Baldwin county areas, due to the amount of rain fall received in the area as well as vegetation growth around the home. Rot can be found in several areas. Rot is found at the base of the home, doors and windows. Vegetation build up around the home is a major contributor to these problems. I always recommend to trim bushes/shrubs 18-24 inches away from the home and tree limbs 4-6 feet away from the home. This will mitigate the moisture build up around the home.

If your considering buying a new home whether it is band new or a little older, do your research on the area you’re interested in, find a good realtor and have the home inspected by a licensed home inspection service. For additional information on this subject visit this link:

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