What To Inspect?

Home Inspection What To Inspect?

N-Spec Inspections encourages you to take a few steps in preparation of your home inspection.

1) Please have your utilities on. Some homes (that are being sold) may have the electricity , water, or gas services disconnected. This makes it very difficult to fully inspect the quality of the home’s systems.

2) Remove any barriers blocking entry into the attic or crawl space. We will be climbing into the home’s attic to inspect the rafters, ventilation, air ducts, and quality of electrical wiring. We will be looking beneath your home, as well. Please have your pets restrained and remove any items prevents access to your crawl space (old equipment, bicycles, storage items, etc…

3). We will be climbing on your roof. It helps if you have swept your roof prior to an inspection.

This allows to review the quality of the shingles or roofing material. This also allows us to identify potential leak spots or improper roofing installation.